Social Media Guidelines


Social Media Tips

NAPO recognizes the critical influence social media plays globally as well as within our industry.  Social media, when utilized well, can be a very successful and positive tool to enhance one’s marketing and PR efforts as well as NAPO’s. Moreover, using social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated. It should be fun, rewarding and engaging.

You are encouraged to 'like' and 'follow' NAPO on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Hashtags are strong marketing tools for driving traffic to your social media accounts, most commonly Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags help people find the content relevant to them and to interact with others who are also interested in the same topic. For your business, you can be noticed in these interactions and can identify yourself as a voice for certain topics. Knowing where, why, and how to hashtag you can greatly improve your social media presence. 

What makes a great hashtag?
Keep it original. Although you don’t necessarily need your hashtag to be completely unique, you also don’t want to use a generic and overused hashtag. Example: #simplemealplans vs. #food

Keep it simple. Hashtags aren’t the time for special characters and obscure words. 

Keep it abbreviated. Commonly recognized abbreviations can help you keep it short and recognizable (examples: “conf” for conference, NE for northeast, 19 for 2019, etc.)  

Play the numbers: Ideally, you want to use hashtags that have 50K-750K uses.

Location, location, location: Geographic hashtags help with engagement and are a GREAT way ​​to connect with potential business partners, mom groups, broker groups, etc.

Keep it loyal. Use hashtags that can be easily searched by NAPO National. This will increase our online presence to increase public awareness of NAPO, drive members to join, or to attend annual conference. 

Use #NAPOPro when you post anything related to organizing and productivity.
(Please use #NAPOPro instead of #NAPONatl.)
Use #GoMonth2020 during GO (Get Organized) Month and update the year accordingly
Use #NAPO2020 (and subsequent years) for the annual NAPO conference
Use #NAPOCares to highlight NAPO members giving back to the community.  

Keep in mind when you put hashtags like #NAPOPro, #GoMonth2020, #NAPO2020, or #NAPOCares on your post, it will show up when NAPO National does a search for that hashtag. NAPO might share it with their audience, which would give your content the potential for national exposure!