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We Believe Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As an Association, We Believe

that the success of NAPO’s mission to be the leading source for Organizing and Productivity professionals relies on the collective efforts of our
members of all races, religions, backgrounds, ages, abilities, beliefs, gender identities, and orientations. NAPO welcomes, supports and celebrates the diversity of people who are drawn to our profession and our Association.

As Professionals, We Believe

a diverse, equitable and inclusive professional organization drives innovation within our Association, builds successful businesses, and delivers cultural competency in our work with the communities we serve. 

As Members, We Believe

our members should feel valued for their talents and experience, recognized for their contributions, and encouraged to bring their authentic selves to participate in NAPO and our industry.

As a Community, We Believe

that when people feel appreciated and included, they will be more creative, collaborative, innovative, and successful. We Believe that treating each other with respect and kindness in our words and actions builds community within our Association and enriches us all.

Curated Resources

All NAPO members are encouraged to learn from our Diversity Resource Collection. This collection of online links, books, podcasts, papers, etc. has been curated by NAPO's Diversity Initiative's Task Force members. While this list is not exhaustive, and is ever-evolving, the intention of this list is to provide NAPO members with resources to further the education and incorporation of diversity in our industry.



We strive to ensure these principles are alive in our words and our actions as well as in alignment with the four pillars of NAPO’s mission: to be the leading source for organizing and productivity professionals by . . .   


. . . providing exceptional education: 


We believe the NAPO education programs can lead to a richer contribution to the world around us by offering DEI training and creating a culture of continuous learning. We have a unique opportunity to improve the lives and businesses of our members. We believe that when we connect with and learn from people who are different from us, we are more likely to expand our perspectives, think critically, and bring new perspectives to the clients we serve.


. . . enhancing business connections: 

We believe that a collective culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion among our business network will strengthen our formal and informal connections, including chapters, special interest groups, conferences, classes, our POINT forum, and other relationships that develop.


. . . advancing industry research: 


We believe it is important that NAPO is dedicated to understanding and promoting the organizing and productivity profession along with the topics and trends in the world around us. We believe we must understand our own biases, those of our clients, and those of the institutions and companies with which we partner in research.  This may impact how we conduct, interpret, and disseminate those results of research, and how we apply those findings to NAPO’s work going forward. 


. . . and increasing public awareness:


We believe in building inclusive communities so that those who learn about the profession through NAPO’s efforts feel that working with NAPO members will lead to positive, productive, and nonjudgmental relationships that support our clients’ goals.


Finally, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not an end goal but a process that is evolving. We seek to include all the voices that can help continually improve our diversity and grow our Association.


Highlights of NAPO's 2020-2021 Action Items

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training
In February 2021, NAPO's Board of Directors and HQ staff members were provided with training on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Diversity and Cultural Strategist

Barbara Polk, of Amplify People Advisors, continues to work in an ongoing consulting capacity to guide NAPO to employ our diversity initiative strategies. Barbara is a business executive with more than 25 years of human resources, diversity, equity & inclusion facilitation, leadership training, and board governance experience.

Creation and Implementation of NAPO's Non-Discrimination Statement
View the statement here

Development of Spanish Going Pro Bundle in NAPO University 
Our most popular education bundle, which includes 3 Professional Practice courses, is now offered in Spanish! This allows our Spanish-speaking members to purchase and complete OD1-101, OD1-102, and OD1-103 and upgrade to become NAPO Professional members. 

Addition of Closed Captioning in all NAPO University courses 
Any courses developed after March 2021 will include closed captioning on all On-Demand courses.  

Diversity Podcasts 
Continue the conversation of diversity in the organizing industry by tuning into Episode 63: of NAPO's Stand Out Podcast: Highlighting Diversity in Small Business with Tanisha Porter, Cindy Levitt, and Mackenzie Scott, CPO®.

Learn from our diversity and cultural strategist Barbara Polk on Episode 74 of NAPO's Stand Out Podcast - Why DEI is a Business Imperative.

General Session at the NAPO2021 Conference
NAPO members, Janine Sarna-Jones, CPO® and Tanisha Porter presented a live session at NAPO2021 titled - "Incorporating an Anti-racist Mindset and Practices to Build your 21st Century Business" on Wednesday, April 21st, at 3:30PM EDT. Members can log into NAPO University and watch the session HERE.

Translation of New Member Kit
Our New Member Kit, which includes several helpful client-facing forms for members who are starting their own businesses, is now available in Spanish! 

Next up: Scholarships and Mentorships
What's next in this journey? We're in the beginning stages of implementing scholarships and mentorships for our members!

If you would like to get involved and suggest ways for NAPO to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, please fill out this form to provide us with your suggestions. This information will not be shared outside of the Board of Directors and HQ staff that are working on this initiative.