Ambassador Program

The NAPO Ambassador Program is an opportunity for existing NAPO members to help new members feel welcome and connected to the association. Ambassadors assist with the orientation of new members by educating them about the various benefits of NAPO membership, such as chapter affiliation, POINT, educational classes, and our annual conference. Additionally, Ambassadors help ensure those new to NAPO get the information they need to be successful members.

How the Program Works
At the beginning of each month, NAPO HQ posts in the Ambassador's community a list of new members. Each Ambassador is expected to check the list and contact new members who are in their assigned section. (Each Ambassador is assigned 1-2 letters of the alphabet and the members are divided up by last name).

NAPO Ambassadors reach out to the new members 4 times in a one-year period. They will send a total of 4 emails and follow up with 4 phone calls to answer any questions from the member. These emails/phone calls will take place in the 1st, 4th, 8th and 12th month of membership. The Ambassador sends emails a few days prior to the phone call to ensure the member has had an opportunity to think of any questions they may have in order to engage in the phone conversation. The Membership Committee provides a welcome script with all the information needed, which makes participating in the Ambassador program simple and stress-free. This is a win-win situation for everyone, as the new member feels a sense of belonging and the Ambassador feels a sense of accomplishment for helping NAPO become an even better association.

The Membership Committee strives to be respectful of the volunteer hours put in by our Ambassadors. As our association continues to grow, we continue to recruit Ambassadors to ensure all new members are covered while keeping the time commitment of our volunteers low.

• Comfortable reaching out to new people by phone
• Have a couple hours per month to spend making phone calls and sending/replying to e-mail
• Eager to help new members understand and reap the benefits of our amazing organization
• A passion for NAPO

Benefits to You
• Getting the latest information about NAPO benefits, programs, and events
• Networking with new members
• Building mentoring and leadership skills
• Gaining national volunteer experience that could lead to additional opportunities

To Volunteer

Please contact Blake Jones or NAPO HQ to express your interest in joining the NAPO Ambassador Program, and get involved!