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Getting Started with NAPO POINT Member Connect

Getting Started with Your NAPO POINT Chapter Community  

POINT: “Pool Rules” and “Diving Tips”

POINT: Self-Promotion Guidelines

POINT: How to Use POINT Libraries

POINT: Etiquette Tips

How To Videos:

POINT Webinar Tutorials 

Hosted by Sara Genrich, Lauren Mang, Monica Ricci, CPO


In this webinar, you will learn how to login to POINT, navigate the POINT dashboard, and set up your profile so you will stand out, get noticed and present yourself as the amazing business professional you are.

Key topics covered:

  • What is POINT & how to login (8:06)
  • Create your POINT profile (24:20)
  • Set your email notifications (37:24)
  • Set up your email signature (39:25)
  • Navigate the top menu (53:40)
  • How to log out of POINT (1:08:00)

Originally recorded May 2020


In this webinar, you will learn tips about how to find your POINT Communities, how to search POINT, and, most importantly, how to write posts that engage and help you get the tips, resources, and advice you need.

We'll also continue our tour through POINT to show you how you can network within NAPO, get involved, make new friends, refer each other and connect with members in your city or around the world.

Key topics covered:

  • Connecting in Communities (9:30)
  • How to find NAPO colleagues on POINT (10:03)
  • Search for NAPO Business Partners (14:42)
  • Finding and navigating your Communities (18:35)
  • Member Connect features (20:52)
  • Menu features (41:00)
  • Chapter listings (41:18)
  • Committees/Volunteering (45:38)
  • Golden Circle (48:58)
  • SIGs - Special Interest Groups (49:22)
  • Volunteering (52:52)
  • Ambassador Programs (53:55)
  • NAPOCares (54:41)
  • Communicating and searching topics on POINT (56:10)

Originally recorded June 2020

In this webinar, you will take a tour of POINT and discover all the features that are in store for you at NAPO's member-only website. From educational resources, free member webinars, and Business Partner discounts to industry statistics, social media tips and other NAPO assets, you'll find so many tools on POINT to build your business and skyrocket your way to success!

Key topics covered:

  • 05:25: Education
  • 08:50: Annual Conference
  • 18:30: Free Webinars
  • 32:32: Statistics Database
  • 38:41 Member Resources
  • 43:16 New Member Kit
  • 45:08 Member Logos
  • 49:51 Business Partner Discounts & Programs
  • 50:27 NAPO To Do
  • 51:22 Media
  • 54:07 Policies, Documents, and Tips
  • 54:08 POINT User Agreement
  • 58:12 NAPO Antitrust Policy
  • 59:34: NAPO Code of Ethics
  • 1:07:25 Social Media Guidelines

Originally recorded June 2020