NAPOCares is an on-going initiative to promote how NAPO members give back to their communities each and every day either professionally or personally by sharing their time, treasures and/or talents with their local community. This includes:
  • Promotion on social media of community outreach activities that NAPO members complete
  • Annual promotion of GO Month activities each January.
  • Annual fundraising for a chosen non-profit

How Can You Participate? 

1. Post on social media and use the hashtag #NAPOCares whenever you give back to your community either personally or professionally. Not only will this spread the word that NAPOCares but it will also give you additional, free visibility on social media. See below under Social Media Posting Guidelines for more details.

2. Share! Whenever you see other NAPOCares social media posts with #NAPOCares and/or @NAPOPro, please like, share, etc., to spread the word!

3. Write a Blog for the NAPO National Blog regarding a community service activity/event performed by you, your multi-person business and/or chapter. See below for Blog Posting Guidelines and Tips.

Social Media Posting Guidelines and Tips

How do you (the NAPO member, multi-person business, and/or chapter) give back to your local community (on your own or on behalf of a client) in terms of sharing your Time, Talents, or Treasures?

Qualifying Community Service activities/events (recent or upcoming):

  • Personally on your own time (donating blood, etc.)
  • Professionally regardless of your specialty
  • GO Month events

Posting details - REQUIRED vs. OPTIONAL:

REQUIRED post info:

  • Include details how you shared your Time, Talent or Treasures with your community in everyday ways (whether on your own or on behalf of a client)
  • Tag @NAPONatl on Instagram, or @National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals on Facebook (this will ensure NAPO HQ will see it and like/share it for more visibility)
  • Include the #NAPOCares hashtag or logo in your image post (click on the logo link to download a copy) and #NAPOPro

OPTIONAL post info:

  • Include 1 or more photos. If your picture has more than one person in it, identify them by listing their names (left to right). Pictures can include a before and after, team group photo, and any non-NAPO volunteers
  • Tag the nonprofit you served (if applicable) to give them visibility so they may post/share it as well
  • Quantify your community outreach information. For example, include the number of people served, the number of hours volunteered or the number of volunteers that participated in an event, etc.
  • Include the NAPOCares logo
  • Include the NAPO National logo

Blog Posting Guidelines and Tips 

Prior to submitting a blog, review the full submission guidelines.

Submit a blog via the NAPO website about your Community Service event for consideration! Blog posts are approximately 500 words and should be more of an overview, not a fully comprehensive "article". 

Once a blog is submitted for consideration, it will be reviewed for content. If your submission is chosen for posting, you will be contacted via the email you submitted with your content. At that time you will be able to send your headshot for the byline and an image (or two) that relate to your topic (if one is not provided, a stock image may be used).  If you submit a group photo, please identify those pictured.

For questions about the NAPO blog or any NAPOCares submissions, contact