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Smead is excited to announce NAPO Members can now buy directly from Smead and receive a 25% discount on all purchases. Visit MyOrganized.life today and use the discount code NAPO25 at checkout.


Are you an experienced, professional organizer looking for additional revenue streams? Or are you new to the professional organizing industry looking to build your business and gain valuable work experience? If so, reach out to Home Sweet Homes Provider Network Manager, Wendi Reece, at wreece@unpackme.com, or click on the link below: https://unpackme.com/contact-us/

Home Sweet Home’s sole focus is on assisting corporations relocate their employees throughout the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom. The skills of a professional organizer are a perfect fit for these services and provide professional organizers the opportunity to supplement their existing business.

Home Sweet Home partners with over 700 professional organizers. In 2019, they added over 250 NAPO organizers into their network and they completed over 1,400 jobs.

“Home Sweet Home has really helped me build my business and the experience of the organizers on my team”, says Birdie Brennan, a NAPO member in central Ohio. “I like the Home Sweet Home jobs because I don’t have to go out and find the clients, which takes a lot of effort in my regular business. It is a great way to fill in any gaps in the schedule and I can focus on delivering service and let Home Sweet Home handle the marketing.”

Contact Wendi for more information today!


  • NAPO 2021 is all about Connections -- Meaningful. Intentional. Lasting. The schedule for NAPO2021, a unique and one of a kind virtual Conference experience, is now available and registration is open. Our Conference Program Committee has created a not-to-be missed experience, including an exciting opening program, unlike any other.
  • Have you ever thought about what it would mean to step out of your comfort zone and try out a greater leadership role? When I was asked to chair the NAPO Nominations and Leadership Committee this year, my first year serving on NAPO’s Board of Directors, I was so excited. I love NAPO and everything it offers and joining the Board meant I could not only give back to the organization, but I would also build my strategic thinking and leadership skills.
  • I can’t believe that September is here! Yesterday, someone reminded me that time seems to go faster the older we get. Having recently celebrated another birthday, I’m feeling that, as well as realizing that my time as NAPO President is already slightly more than half over. That doesn’t seem possible.
  • How to provide your clients with adjustable workspace solutions from NAPO Business Partner, Organized Living.
  • As I was considering the theme of this month’s message, I went back and re-read my August 2019 one. I wrote about summer as a time of relaxation, vacation, fun, and a time for reflection, a season that provides us the opportunity to slow down, disconnect, experience something new, and dream about our future.


  • Being an industry leader means tackling current events and embracing inclusivity and diversity within our profession. But it’s difficult to know what this means and what change should look like. To answer these questions, we’ve brought in three movers and shakers for a discussion on diversity. Today's guests Tanisha Porter, Cindy Levitt, and Mackenzie Scott, dive into what diversity means, how different generations see racial issues, what it means to create companies based in allyship, and the importance of listening and learning from others
  • Today, we are diving into some of the productivity-related challenges that businesses face with Nathan Austin, author, international speaker, coach, and small business and community advocate.  In this episode, we learn about the communication and collaboration hurdles that all companies face.
  • In this episode, we are featuring Melissa Belliard, a professional organizer at Living Peace in Arlington, Massachusetts, and a member of NAPO New England, a holistic organizers special interest group.  She shares some of the ways that she uses her own intuition, what that might look like, and how you can tap into your own intuition in a way that will improve your personal and professional life.
  • Kristien Bertilson, the brains behind Queen B Organizing, shares her thoughts on the responsibility of running a company and being in charge of so many salaries and gives us all-round inspiring advice in the realm of doing things in a way that suits you as well as your employees
  • Today we get an inside peek into the world of masterminds from a real expert. Aaron Walker is a vastly successful entrepreneur and someone who attributes a lot of his success to the masterminds he has attended. He makes some strong arguments for community and how isolation can lead to the death of your dreams. We also talk about accountability, networks and the formats that masterminds groups can take for optimum results.

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