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Brother International Corporation is one of the premier providers of products for the home, home office, and office.

These products include an award-winning line of Multi-Function Center® and printers. Brother also provides the number one line of facsimile machines in the U.S. and is the leader in electronic labeling, with its full line of P-touch® Electronic Labeling Systems.

Bush Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of case goods and ready-to-assemble furniture for the office and home. The company operates the Bush Furniture, Bush Business Furniture (BBF), Office by Kathy ireland® and Kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture brands, manufacturing desks, hutches, bookcases, cabinets, occasional tables,


  • As I look back over the past two months and think about the disappointments, inconveniences, and uncertainties we have all experienced, I have to focus on the positive impact we’ve also felt from being able to connect virtually with our families, friends, colleagues, and clients.
  • Working Together on Your Home While Working from Home by Nancy Meck, NAPO Member since 2015 Ample time at home is amping up people’s focus on lingering house projects. It’s also highlighting wants and needs previously overlooked (or purposefully ignored) during normal daily routines. Everyone in a household goes through this examination of the “un-dones” and “what-can-be-betters” and boom – each person finds themselves holding a whopper of a "Honey-Do" List they’ve drawn up for themselves or one that someone else has so generously drawn up for them (the gift that keeps on giving!).
  • I’m writing 4 weeks into COVID-19 and I’m doing okay financially. Saving for a Rainy Day, or a Global Pandemic by Regina Lark, CPO NAPO Member since 2008 When the virus hit, I did a quick tabulation of what I had in the bank (business, personal, savings) and realized I could cover myself for the duration.
  • April 2020 Message from President, Susie Hayman As I sit here writing this message to you, I’m full of bittersweet emotions. It’s April 2, 2020, and we were supposed to be in Orlando kicking off NAPO2020. Although we aren’t able to connect in person as we planned, please know that I am connecting with you in spirit.
  • Embracing the Essentials for COVID-19 by Kristin DeCou, NAPO Member since 2017. Many of us are getting organized and helping others put their things in order. But what do we prioritize first? Our collective “new normal” calls for a new protocol in achieving order and reducing stress. If I can suggest a single mantra to focus on through these uncertain times, it is this: embrace the essentials.


  • Mridu Parikh shares a bunch of valuable strategies that she uses to increase her value, credibility, and visibility to make sure that corporations and associations keep on engaging in her services. We talk to Mridu about website curation, consistent content creation, and her routine outward marketing strategies. Mridu shares her advice for dealing with rejection, tailoring pitches, and a whole lot more. 
  • As we find ourselves in an uncertain and unknown climate, businesses are having to rethink how they operate and move forward. This clearly applies to the organizing industry too and today we have an amazing guest with us to talk about how your business can not only survive the crisis but more forward and adapt to the different opportunities it presents. Mark LeBlanc's main message is one of consistency and focus; he believes that through a steadfast, yet adaptable approach to your offers and sales you can grow in the best way, crisis or no crisis
  • In this episode, we're sitting down with Carol Kaemmerer,  a nationally recognized speaker, coach, corporate trainer specializing in personal branding and LinkedIn for executives, and author of the book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive.  Here, Carol shows us how we can use keywords, video, logos, and the LinkedIn headline to make our profiles truly shine. 
  • The onslaught of coronavirus has affected businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world, with professional organizers being no exception. In today’s episode, we get a chance to speak with Kathy Vines, a brilliant mind in the organizing space who has been ahead of the curve as far as offering virtual consultations for some time already. Kathy is a Certified Professional Organizer, the owner of Clever Girl Organizing, and she has also written a book called Living with Less. Our conversation with Kathy begins with some tips from her about how to know whether offering a virtual service fits into your business model or client in the first place.
  • Living as a celiac or sufferer from severe allergy-based food avoidance is burdensome, and being organized is an essential part of coping. Today’s guest is Susan Bailey, and she is a certified AllerCoach, meaning she helps allergy families manage by becoming more prepared and organized. Susan speaks about her experiences as a celiac and how that feeds into the work she does as an AllerCoach. She gets into the services she offers through her company, Cygnet Organizing, from recipe design to meal planning and kitchen compartmentalization. Susan also speaks about what it is like to occupy such a specific niche in the business.

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