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  • As I reflect on the incredible success of NAPO2021 and write my final message to you as your NAPO President, I think it’s only fitting that I take this opportunity to share some of my “State of NAPO” address from the annual meeting. Two years ago, I stood before you in Fort Worth Texas and began my journey as NAPO President. At that time, I asked that you celebrate with me -- the value of NAPO, the value of us AND the value we, as NAPO members, bring to others. You embraced that theme then, and you have continued to embrace it, especially over the past twelve months.
  • The Service to NAPO Award is bestowed to a NAPO volunteer, or group of volunteers, whose dedication and commitment to NAPO and their area of responsibility goes above and beyond. This award recipient is selected by the current NAPO President. In 2020, NAPO President, Susie Hayman, gave Sarah Karakaian of Nesters.com the Service to NAPO Award.
  • "This 15-year Golden Circle NAPO member is a CPO® and has earned all five Specialist Certificates. She has been a chapter leader, a national committee chair, a NAPO board member for two terms, and a mentor to many. She’s an introvert by admission, a witty woman by choice, and an advocate for NAPO members.” – Susie Hayman, NAPO President, when presenting the 2020 President’s Award to Lisa Mark, CPO®. Lisa founded her business, The Time Butler Productivity Organizing, in 2004. Lisa’s own life transitions took her from a career in high tech, to personal assistant, to business owner. Lori Reese, a member of the NAPO Awards Recognition Committee, interviewed Lisa about her career path and NAPO experience.
  • The Chapter of the Year Award is bestowed to a NAPO Chapter, which, by its achievements, goes above and beyond to further the ideals and mission of NAPO. This Chapter provides its members with opportunities to develop leadership skills, prioritize camaraderie and support between and for members, and participate in community outreach projects by utilizing its professional and corporate members’ talents. This award recipient is selected by the Awards Recognition Committee.
  • I can’t believe April is here, and in just two weeks we will be together virtually for NAPO2021! I’m looking forward to re-connecting with many of you, as well as connecting with some of you for the first time! If you haven’t already registered, you have until April 19 to do so. Also, April 18-24, 2021 is National Volunteer Week, an annual celebration observed in many countries, to promote and show appreciation for volunteerism and volunteering. For NAPO, it’s an opportunity to thank all the hundreds of volunteers who work collaboratively to provide valuable services, to recognize them for their selfless and valuable contributions, and to inspire new volunteers to get involved.


  • You may not have used it, but by now you’ve probably heard of TikTok, the newest social media platform to infiltrate the lives of millions of people across the world. Our guest today, Leslie Hatch Gail, is currently pursuing a PhD in psychology, while running her own business and a TikTok account which has become a sensation with 127 000 followers! She joins us on today’s show to share where her love for TikTok originated, and what has sustained this fond feeling towards the platform. If you aren’t sure where the benefits of TikTok lie in a professional sense, this dynamic woman makes that very clear in this episode! We dive into Leslie’s very first “accidental” post which went viral; the types of videos that she posts; life lessons that she has learnt through TikTok; the importance of having a thick skin when creating public content, and how she plans to utilize her TikTok status in the future. “Ready, Fire, Aim,” is her TikTok bio, and we would all do well to take a page out of Leslie’s book!   Key Points From This Episode: Clare’s first experience using TikTok and how she has progressed since then. [00:01:44] How Leslie was drawn into the world of TikTok, and why she quickly got hooked. [00:04:07] Why Leslie prefers watching TikTok to watching Netflix. [00:06:00] The appeal that TikTok offers Leslie as a place to creating her own content. [00:07:01] One of the unique features of TikTok and how this benefits content creators on the platform. [00:08:57] What the majority of Leslie’s TikTok content consists of. [00:10:00] How to find Leslie on all social platforms. [00:11:29] Leslie’s “accidental” first TikTok post, and the response she received. [00:12:54] Followers and likes that Leslie has on her TikTok account [Hint: These are big numbers!] [00:15:16] The PhD that Leslie is pursuing, her plans for her business, and how TikTok relates to these elements of her life. [00:16:19] Ways Leslie uses TikTok to benefit her professionally, and her plans for the future. [00:18:56] Demographic representation of Leslie’s follower base. [00:23:20] Different titles that Leslie uses for her different video styles. [00:26:50] Leslie explains her “Ready, Fire, Aim” strategy and the nature of viral videos. [00:28:20] How the style of comments change as the volume of comments reaches a particular threshold. [00:30:32] Connection and the sense of community that is fostered through social media platforms, and personal stories from Clare and Leslie which highlight this. [00:31:29]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Declare Order — https://www.declareorder.com/ Declare Order on TikTok — https://www.tiktok.com/@declareorder?lang=en Declare Order on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/declareorder/ Declare Order on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/pg/declareorder/photos/ Leslie Hatch Gail on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/leslie-hatch-gail-m-ed-79a66240 Tik Tok — https://www.tiktok.com/en The Home Edit — https://www.thehomeedit.com/the-show/ Apartment Therapy — https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ Leslie Josel — https://www.orderoochaos.com/ Target — https://www.target.com/ Hollister — https://www.hollisterco.com/shop/wd Dancing with the Stars — https://abc.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars Queer Eye for the Straight Guy — https://www.nbc.com/queer-eye-for-the-straight-guy Carson Kressley — https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1390215/ NAPO University — https://www.pathlms.com/napo NAPO — http://napo.net/join NAPO on YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/c/NAPONet/ NAPO on Twitter —https://twitter.com/NAPOnatl NAPO on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/napo_natl/?hl=en NAPO on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/NAPONatl/ NAPO on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/naponational
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is more important than ever following the recent global events that have thrust it into the spotlight, and dedicated employees at all levels are initiating efforts for their companies to be more DEI focused. Today’s guest is Barbara Polk, a DEI thought leader and facilitator with more than 25 years experience in human resources, operations leadership, and board governance. She is Founder and Consultant at Amplify People Advisors, a global C-suite executive with a Fortune 500 company, and holds multiple Board of Director positions. Barbara believes that organizations that proactively put policies in place to create safe and respectful interactions promote environments will improve productivity, engagement, retention, and ultimately financial performance. Tuning in, you’ll hear why DEI must not just be a moral imperative, but a business imperative, how talking about DEI can make you a better leader, colleague, and peer, and how to uncover your unconscious biases, as well as Barbara’a predictions for the future of these important conversations. Tune in today!   Key Points From This Episode: Why paying attention to and taking action on DEI is important to your business. [00:03:13] Barbara explains why these conversations have come into the spotlight now. [00:05:23] The concept of allyship and the importance of making these issues relatable. [00:08:20] Learn how talking about DEI can inform you to be a better leader, peer, colleague. [00:11:51] What diversity and awareness actually mean: you truly see people and have compassion for their experiences. [00:13:48] How to uncover your unconscious biases; take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test. [00:16:13] Barbara explains the real function of biases and why it’s important to self-educate. [00:18:37] Some of the different strategies for addressing the unconscious biases of others. [00:21:04] Why it is important to lean into discomfort sometimes; don’t be driven by fear! [00:24:00] Barbara’s advice for asking someone what they meant by an offensive comment. [00:25:28] Why this is not about being “politically correct”:s it’s about being mindful of what you say if you care and diversity, equity, and inclusion. [00:26:25] Barbara’s predictions for the future of DEI includes years or decades of continuing this conversation. [00:28:03] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Barbara Polk on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbarapolk/ Barbara Polk Email — bpolk@amplifypeopleadvisors.com Amplify People Advisors — https://www.amplifypeopleadvisors.com/ Harvard Implicit Bias Test — https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html Wordslut — https://www.amazon.com/Wordslut-Feminist-Taking-English-Language/dp/006286887X How to Be an Inclusive Leader — https://www.amazon.com/How-Be-Inclusive-Leader-Belonging/dp/1523085177 ‘Blind Spots: Overcome stereotypes’ — https://youtu.be/6_yIevcJCPc ‘Blind Spots: Challenge assumptions’ — https://youtu.be/BFcjfqmVah8 NAPO — http://napo.net/join NAPO on YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/c/NAPONet/
  • Many of us in the professional organizing community have had to think about alternative income streams as we can no longer go into people’s homes or visit corporate clients. Leveraging virtual operations is a great way to boost your revenue, and in today’s episode, we will be talking about webinars. Our guest, Leslie Josel, is an ADHD-student and parenting coach and an award-winning entrepreneur, having founded Order Out of Chaos, an organization whose mission is to help parents guide their children to success in learning and life. She is also an award-winning author, creator of the renowned Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management, and an internationally-acclaimed speaker. In this show, Leslie walks us through how she built her prolific webinar business, which she started six years ago. We dive right in, hearing about the small steps she took to start. Leslie highlights the importance of being generous with your content, having an abundance mentality, and giving things away for free. Rather than using a sales funnel approach, Leslie is upfront and transparent about the costs her clients will incur. She talks about why she has chosen to operate her business in this way rather than continually trying to upsell. From there, we learn how she builds her community and why she always asks them questions. As we wrap up, we talk about the power of affiliates, why webinars offer more wiggle room than courses, and the power of generosity. Leslie has built her business with integrity and a spirit of giving, and we know you will learn as much from her as we did!   Key Points From This Episode: Hear more about Leslie’s business and her decision to go virtual six years ago. [00:03:06] The value of starting small; Leslie’s first webinar only had five people! [00:03:53] How Leslie used her webinars alongside building her email list. [00:05:09] Why Leslie recommends doing your first webinars for free. [00:06:16] While it was not Leslie’s intention to build a webinar empire, she quickly saw the power of it. [00:07:31] The role of consistency when producing webinars and how often Leslie does them. [00:08:25] How Leslie’s ‘anti-funnel’ strategy differs from others in the space. [00:09:53] Why Leslie does free webinars in August and March each year. [00:11:11] The platform Leslie runs her webinars on and the level of interactivity she maintains. [00:12:58] The value in asking your community questions. [00:14:10] Why it is helpful to bring guest experts into your webinars, especially as you grow. [00:14:50] Insights into Leslie’s Facebook group and what she does to nurture it. [00:15:51] How having a video component for all content has helped Leslie bring in customers. [00:17:46] Why Leslie decided to have people watch recorded webinars through her site only. [00:19:52] Don't be afraid to launch an affiliate program and announce it to NAPO members. [00:21:59] You can repurpose content you’ve already produced to generate multiple streams of income. [00:23:45] The role that Leslie’s team has played in getting her to where she is today. [00:25:08] How the academic planners tipped the scale of Leslie’s business. [00:26:29] The flexibility that comes with doing webinars rather than courses. [00:27:39] Why it is important to cap webinar attendance. [00:30:08] How Leslie and her team approach planning. [00:30:56] You have to know your community and what they want from you. [00:34:23]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Order Out of Chaos — https://www.orderoochaos.com/ Leslie Josel on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/leslie-josel-adhd-student-parent-coach/ Leslie Josel on Twitter — https://twitter.com/orderoochaos Leslie Josel on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/orderoutofchaos Leslie Josel on Pinterest — https://pinterest.com/orderoochaos/_shop/ Leslie Josel Email — leslie@orderoochaos.com Leslie Joel Phone Number — 914.262.5714 ADDitude Magazine — https://www.additudemag.com/ Clubhouse — https://www.joinclubhouse.com/ Brendon Burchard — https://brendon.com/ NAPO — http://napo.net/join
  • Positive psychology is a one that has a positive orientation, with a focus on wellbeing, contentment, excitement, cheerfulness, the pursuit of happiness, and meaning in life. Today’s guest is Jennifer Card, a board member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and an Executive Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, who believes that a leader’s greatest asset is their mind. In this episode, she explores why the awareness and integration of a positive psychology mindset will benefit you and your business, and why spending more time on psychological self-care is critical for leaders who face complex challenges. Stay tuned!   Key Points From This Episode: Jennifer shares her definition of positive psychology. [00:02:47] Practical tips to manage your wellbeing at work: cooperators appreciative inquiry. [00:04:56] We talk about boundaries and knowing where your line in the sand is. [00:07:04] Jennifer discusses the best ways for boundary setting; illuminating our blind spots.[00:09:14] The importance of taking that self-reflective moment.[00:09:40] How reframing your activities can impact your energy. [00:11:36] Jennifer shares the difference between mindfulness and mindlessness. [00:12:42] Her guidance for self-reflection practices: gratitude journaling and asset labeling. [00:16:09] How looking for the negative is a protective mechanism in our brains; but we can change it! [00:21:05] Why stress isn’t all bad and why we should learn to divvy up between threatening and non-threatening stress. [00:23:17] Building support and the role it plays in being resilient. [00:24:37] Why remaining curious and staying in a state of humble inquiry is so important. [00:27:57] Reconciling with a good approach to sustain a healthy mindset moving forward. [00:29:00] Jennifer shares the different types of mindsets, including fixed and growth mindsets. [00:29:37] Psychological self-care: taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. [00:32:20] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Jennifer Signe Card on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-card-878219139/Jennifer Signe Card Email — jennifereqhq@gmail.com EQ @ HQ Consulting — https://eqhqconsulting.com/ Flourish — https://www.amazon.ca/Flourish-Visionary-Understanding-Happiness-Well-being/dp/1439190763/ Learned Optimism — https://www.amazon.ca/Learned-Optimism-Change-Your-Mind/dp/1400078393/ Flow — https://www.amazon.ca/Flow-Psychology-Experience-Mihaly-Csikszentmihalyi/dp/0061339202/ Mindset — https://www.amazon.ca/Mindset-Psychology-Carol-S-Dweck/dp/0345472322/ When the Body Says No — https://www.amazon.ca/When-Body-Says-No-Hidden/dp/0676973124/ Man’s Search for Meaning — https://www.amazon.ca/Mans-Search-Meaning-Viktor-Frankl/dp/0807014273/ Whatever Arises, Love That — https://www.amazon.ca/Whatever-Arises-Love-That-Revolution/dp/1622035305/ NAPO — http://napo.net/join
  • Ever feel like you can't keep up? As a solo-business owner, certified business and life coach, and single mom of two teen boys, NAPO member Carol Williams understands the feeling of being pulled in many directions. Through her coaching, she helps business owners with ADHD become more productive and profitable so that they may live playfully and powerfully, both in business and in life. In this episode, Carol shares a bit about her journey into coaching, including how to decide which coaching program to adopt and why. You’ll also hear about Carol's methods when it comes to co-creating with her clients, listening to what is not being said, and living into the possibilities that are already there, as well as some of her tips for getting started when you don’t know where to start and the value of free services and networking. Tune in today! Key Points From This Episode: Carol shares a bit about her background and her journey into coaching. [00:02:50] The process of letting go, once she stepped fully into becoming a coach. [00:05:26] How to decide where to study and which coaching program to adopt. [00:07:45] Why, when her life was shaken up, Carol didn’t default to the tried and true path. [00:08:45] Find out why Carol became a certified coach in the first place. [00:11:04] Having a mentor versus a coach and Carol’s experience of having both. [00:13:37] Carol and Clare discuss the concept of co-creating solutions with their clients. [00:15:31] Carol’s definition of good coaching: learning to listen to what is not being said. [00:17:20] Hear about Carol’s belief that the essence of coaching, regardless of its purpose, is a process of un-peeling. [00:18:12] Why Carol says her job is about living into the possibilities that are always there. [00:19:47] What about Carol’s process works and some of her tips for getting started. [00:24:47] From borrowing an audience to serving and nurturing them: advice for getting started when you don’t know where to start. [00:28:53] Her Wisdom Warriors Group is an opportunity for people to sample her services. [00:31:54] How networking and speaking have helped Carol attract her ideal clients. [00:34:43]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Carol Williams on Twitter Carol Williams on LinkedIn Carol Williams on Facebook Carol Williams on YouTube Carol Williams Email <%20carol@eps-time.com> Efficient Productivity Systems Wisdom Warriors The Alter Ego Effect Leonie Dawson

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