The Chapter of the Year Award is presented to the Chapter which, by its achievements, goes above and beyond to further the ideals and mission of NAPO. This Chapter provides its members with opportunities to develop leadership skills, prioritize camaraderie and support between and for members, and participate in community outreach projects, by utilizing the talents of its professional and corporate members. 

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NAPO Acceleration Learning Series: Free Member Teleseminars

The Acceleration Learning Series is proudly sponsored by the NAPO Membership Committee.  These free NAPO tele-seminars offered each month are for Members Only! Register for the upcoming tele-seminars or browse the selection of previously offered topics by clicking here.

NAPO University

Calling All Productivity Experts!

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NAPO Education is looking for two types of Subject-Matter Experts:

  1. NAPO University Instructors who will be paid to develop the course and record the on-demand class.
  2. Task Team Members who volunteer to serve on a three-person team to help develop classes for NAPO, including creating learning objectives and reviewing the final product before it gets recorded.

The Class Topics:

  • Project Management for the Team Member: Training your client to manage their projects and tasks
  • Technology Assessment: Finding and implementing the right tools
  • Optimizing Time to Enhance Team Productivity
  • Working Effectively within a Team: Understanding roles and boundaries
  • Inspiring Innovation: How great teams move beyond collaboration

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