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Pall Mall Art Advisors is an international appraisal and advisory firm with offices located throughout the United States, The United Kingdom, and Europe.

Pall Mall Art Advisors is a well-established valuation practice that works with major insurance brokers, law firms, banks, accountants, wealth managers, and institutions. Our appraisers are USPAP compliant and meet the standards of the Appraisal Association of America. Our appraisers also must pass a thorough background check before they can become appraisers with Pall Mall Art Advisors.


Do your clients have a lot of junk piling up? Are they looking to move or downsize their homes? We’ll take any unwanted items to the nearest donation center or dispose of them responsibly. Easy and effortless junk removal is at the core of what we do.

If your clients need help moving, College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving guarantees a stress-free and effortless move on your part. From full-service moves to packing help, our team does it all, and we’ve got your back whenever you need us.

For NAPO members, we offer a 10% discount on removal service of over a half truckload, and 5% off on move services. For a complimentary, no-obligation quote, we can be reached at (866) 459-NAPO (866.459.6276).


  • As I was considering the theme of this month’s message, I went back and re-read my August 2019 one. I wrote about summer as a time of relaxation, vacation, fun, and a time for reflection, a season that provides us the opportunity to slow down, disconnect, experience something new, and dream about our future.
  • Dear fellow NAPO members, The summer season is in full swing, and this year it’s clearly different in so many ways. Most of us are still experiencing virtual events and social distancing vacations, social gatherings, holidays, and celebrations. In that same vein, your NAPO Board has been virtually envisioning NAPO’s strategic direction for 2021 and []
  • Dear NAPO members, Three weeks ago, I began my second year as your NAPO President. Despite the many challenges that we have all faced over the past several months, I feel even more honored and proud to be serving our association at this time. The display of comradery, support, and optimism has made it clear []
  • As I look back over the past two months and think about the disappointments, inconveniences, and uncertainties we have all experienced, I have to focus on the positive impact we’ve also felt from being able to connect virtually with our families, friends, colleagues, and clients.
  • Working Together on Your Home While Working from Home by Nancy Meck, NAPO Member since 2015 Ample time at home is amping up people’s focus on lingering house projects. It’s also highlighting wants and needs previously overlooked (or purposefully ignored) during normal daily routines. Everyone in a household goes through this examination of the “un-dones” and “what-can-be-betters” and boom – each person finds themselves holding a whopper of a "Honey-Do" List they’ve drawn up for themselves or one that someone else has so generously drawn up for them (the gift that keeps on giving!).


  • In this episode, we are featuring Melissa Belliard, a professional organizer at Living Peace in Arlington, Massachusetts, and a member of NAPO New England, a holistic organizers special interest group.  She shares some of the ways that she uses her own intuition, what that might look like, and how you can tap into your own intuition in a way that will improve your personal and professional life.
  • Kristien Bertilson, the brains behind Queen B Organizing, shares her thoughts on the responsibility of running a company and being in charge of so many salaries and gives us all-round inspiring advice in the realm of doing things in a way that suits you as well as your employees
  • Today we get an inside peek into the world of masterminds from a real expert. Aaron Walker is a vastly successful entrepreneur and someone who attributes a lot of his success to the masterminds he has attended. He makes some strong arguments for community and how isolation can lead to the death of your dreams. We also talk about accountability, networks and the formats that masterminds groups can take for optimum results.
  • Mridu Parikh shares a bunch of valuable strategies that she uses to increase her value, credibility, and visibility to make sure that corporations and associations keep on engaging in her services. We talk to Mridu about website curation, consistent content creation, and her routine outward marketing strategies. Mridu shares her advice for dealing with rejection, tailoring pitches, and a whole lot more. 
  • As we find ourselves in an uncertain and unknown climate, businesses are having to rethink how they operate and move forward. This clearly applies to the organizing industry too and today we have an amazing guest with us to talk about how your business can not only survive the crisis but more forward and adapt to the different opportunities it presents. Mark LeBlanc's main message is one of consistency and focus; he believes that through a steadfast, yet adaptable approach to your offers and sales you can grow in the best way, crisis or no crisis

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