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Are you new to NAPO?

Just starting out in the industry?

Join NAPO veteran Cynthia Lindsey, CPO, and Past Membership Committee Chair and current NAPO Board Member along with the New Member Orientation Team: Maria White, Geralin Thomas, and Tenna Rasmussen to discover what member benefits NAPO has to offer.
Listen today so you can take full advantage of all of the benefits of your NAPO Membership!

Originally recorded August 2019

A facilitated panel discussion with accomplished organizing veterans - Ellen Delap, CPO; Ellen Faye, CPO; Kim Oser, CPO; and Standolyn Robertson, CPO.

During this discussion you will learn:

  • What it costs to start your business, and what kind of investment it takes.
  • If you should do any paid advertising or pay for leads.
  • What you can do to get clients for free.
  • How to determine your rates.
  • Ways to increase your knowledge of the industry.
  • One thing the panel wishes someone had told them when they first started

10 Ways to Market - Handout

Originally recorded February 2017

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The NAPO Virtual Chapter realizes that the global health crisis has created new realities for all of us. The impact on the NAPO community is unimaginable.

The NAPO Virtual Chapter wishes to share with you some of our knowledge on Virtual Organizing and is pleased to share this NAPO Virtual Chapter panel discussion meeting.

The panel features five VC Board members who are also virtual organizers, with areas of expertise including residential, productivity, home staging, financial, coaching, and more.

Alexis Boccanfuso, CPO
June Conboy Carter, CPO
Lea Gallagher
Amy Payne, CPO
Nancy Rivera

Originally recorded May 2020
In this webinar, you will learn how to login to POINT, navigate the POINT dashboard and set up your profile so you will stand out, get noticed and present yourself as the amazing business professional you are. 

Key Takeaways:
  • What is POINT & how to login (8:06)
  • Create your POINT profile (24:20)
  • Set your email notifications (37:24)
  • Set up your email signature (39:25)
  • Navigate the top menu (53:40)
  • How to log out of POINT (1:08:00)
Sara Genrich
Lauren Mang
Monica Ricci, CPO

Originally recorded May 2020
In this webinar, you will learn tips about how to find your POINT Communities, how to search POINT, and, most importantly, how to write posts that engage and help you get the tips, resources, and advice you need.

We'll also continue our tour through POINT to show you how you can network within NAPO, get involved, make new friends, refer each other and connect with members in your city or around the world.

Key Takeaways:
  • Connecting in Communities (9:30)
  • How to find NAPO colleagues on POINT (10:03)
  • Search for NAPO Business Partners (14:42)
  • Finding and navigating your Communities (18:35)
  • Member Connect features (20:52)
  • Menu features (41:00)
  • Chapter listings (41:18)
  • Committees/Volunteering (45:38)
  • Golden Circle (48:58)
  • SIGs - Special Interest Groups (49:22)
  • Volunteering (52:52)
  • Ambassador Programs (53:55)
  • NAPOCares (54:41)
  • Communicating and searching topics on POINT (56:10)
Sara Genrich
Lauren Mang
Monica Ricci, CPO

Originally recorded June 2020
In this webinar, you will take a tour of POINT and discover all the features that are in store for you at NAPO's member-only website. From educational resources, free member webinars, and Business Partner discounts to industry statistics, social media tips and other NAPO assets, you'll find so many tools on POINT to build your business and skyrocket your way to success!

Key Takeaways:
  • Education (5:25)
  • Annual Conference (8:50)
  • Free Webinars (18:30)
  • Statistics Database (32:32)
  • Member Resources (38:41)
  • New Member Kit (43:16)
  • Member Logos (45:08)
  • Business Partner Discounts & Programs (49:51)
  • NAPO To Do (50:27)
  • Media (51:22)
  • Policies, Documents, and Tips (54:07)
  • POINT User Agreement (54:08)
  • NAPO Antitrust Policy (58:12)
  • NAPO Code of Ethics (59:34)
  • Social Media Guidelines (1:07:25)
Sara Genrich
Lauren Mang
Monica Ricci, CPO

Originally recorded June 2020
Whenever branding is mentioned, everyone thinks about logo, typography, color palettes, patterns and textures, photography, animation, illustration, iconography, sound, layout, and tone of voice, but that's not enough and it's not the answer. There's a lot more to branding and we asked our panelists all about some of the less popular points in their branding strategies. The Blind Spots in Branding digs a little deeper so that as you build your brand, you're not overlooking any of these key elements.

Please keep in mind that our panelists are not branding experts and they don't pretending that they have all the answers. Instead, what you'll hear are honest answers and helpful insights into their branding processes.

Want to continue learning more about branding? Check out on-demand webinar: 4-429 Creating Your Own Buzz: Branding + Marketing for Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants.

Geralin Thomas

Rachael Brady
Laura Ellis, CPO®
Samantha Pointer Foxx
Zeenat Siman

Originally recorded March 2021
Standolyn Robertson, who literally wrote the book on Managing Client Expectations for our industry and teaches the NAPO University Course on the subject (OD4-203), will host an informative discussion with our panelists that's bound to provoke some cringe-worthy and "a-ha" moments.

This webinar is great for members with 0-5 years of experience.

Attendees will receive tips and learn skills that they can immediately put into action to boost their client relationships and business success.

Standolyn Robertson, CPO

Wendy Buglio, CPO
Ken Olan
Tanisha Porter
Jill Yesko, CPO

Originally recorded June 2021


One-hour conference calls covering a variety of topics.



This webinar discusses the pros and cons of "new school" online lead generation tools (Angie's List, Home Sweet Home, Thumbtack, Houzz, etc) and the importance of "old school" marketing and relationship building to keep your pipeline humming with prospects and new clients.

Key Takeaways:
  • Best practices and the pros and cons of using online lead generation tools
  • How to make the most of in-person networking in your community
  • The importance of creating and maintaining real-world business networking relationships
  • The Pick 3 Marketing Formula that will help you stay focused

Originally recorded September 2019

This webinar emphasizes the value of taking time to plan and work on your business.

Through lively and collaborative discussion, NAPO organizers generously share their processes and best practices for revising what hasn't worked as well as their favorite tools of the trade they use when working on their own businesses. 

Originally recorded January 2019

Key Takeaways: 
  • How to set yourself apart from the competition
  • How to find your niche
  • How to turn a negative situation into a positive
  • How diversifying your business can add to your bottom line
  • How to market your niche and your business
  • How to divide your time between working IN versus working ON your business

Originally recorded September 2018



Key Takeaways:
  • What type of content drives engagement
  • How to properly use others' images
  • How to work with other businesses on partnerships and promotions
  • Hidden features for business profiles on different social media platforms
  • Where and how to use hashtags
  • What the future of social media looks like
Originally recorded June 2018

Key Takeaways:
  • The definition of "Productivity" and why it is relevant to you personally and professionally
  • The definition of "Time Management" and the difference between time management and productivity
  • How to handle files in multiple spaces (Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud) and not feel overwhelmed
  • Types of digital productivity platforms and how to understand, decide and manage them
Originally recorded January 2018
We all experience slow times in our hands-on organizing businesses.

Do you want ideas for additional ways to make money as an organizer but don't know where and how to start?

Find out what NAPO Members and Professional Organizers Hazel Thornton, Jan Lehman, CPO; and Anne Blumer, CPO; suggest on what they do during their down-times and how to increase your income stream.

Originally recorded June 2017

Work_life_balance.png Rock_Star.png Guys_Perspective.png
Hear from other NAPO members about how they work to achieve and maintain a work-life balance.

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton 

Sharon Lowenheim, CPO
Kathy Paauw
Amy Payne, CPO

Tools for Work-Life Balance - Handout

Originally recorded January 2017

Get a view inside the business and success of Angela Cody-Rouget, NAPO's own Rock Star Organizer.

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

  • Journey onto Shark Tank
  • Business support
  • Biggest lessons learned
Originally recorded October 2016

A panel discussion comprised of NAPO Members Chris McKenry, and Brooks Duncan with Judson Crowder, CPO, who share their experiences and unique perspectives on the female-dominated profession of Professional Organizing.

Key Takeaways:
  • Similarities and differences between the "guys" and the "ladies" of organizing
  • How the panel members have adapted
  • What their unique business models are
  • What has helped set them apart

A Guy's Perspective to Professional Organizing - Handout 

Originally recorded July 2016

6_tips.png Mastermind.png Challenging_Situations.png
This is a panel teleseminar comprised of Marla Dee, Amy Smith, and Melissa Schmalenberger 

Key Takeaways:
  • 6 essential tips about adding subcontractors to your business model
  • Additional income streams for your business
  • How others are engaging subcontractors

6 Tips for Smartly Hiring Subcontractors - Handout

Originally recorded October 2015


Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Cena Block
Patty Kraemer, CPO
Megan Spears, CPO

Key Takeaways:
  • The benefits of forming a Mastermind Group
  • Understand the who, what, where, when, and how a mastermind group works
  • The key elements to a successful mastermind group
  • How to determine what kind of mastermind group will suit your business 
  • How to avoid mastermind pitfalls

Forming a Successful Mastermind Group - Handout 1 

Forming a Successful Mastermind Group - Handout 2 

Originally recorded April 2016

"Best Practices" for our businesses evolve over time as we learn from challenging professional situations. As organizing and productivity professionals, we can face situations ranging from difficult clients to difficult business decisions. 

The panelists share insights into learning in the face of tough circumstances. 
Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Golden Circle members - 
Dr. Regina Lark, CPO
Anna Lieber
Tammy Schotzko, CPO,

Lessons Learned from Challenging Situations - Handout

Originally recorded January 2016

Make_money.png Referral_Based_Business.png Crash_Course.png

Tired of having to look through your windshield to earn money to pay your bills? Wish you could go on a vacation and still make money while you're gone?

In this episode of Ask The Pro, we will discuss a variety of alternate income stream options you can put in place to create passive and ongoing income so you have more revenues, time, and freedom in your business!

Goals & Learning Objectives:

  • Inspire attendees to consider diversifying their income and leveraging their time through alternate income streams.

  • Enable attendees to evaluate and choose which, if any, alternate / passive income streams they're interested in pursuing.

  • Provide concrete "how-to" steps and technology tool suggestions that will help attendees execute on creating information products to sell.

  • Help attendees understand the importance of creating a continuing conversation with prospects and clients.


Joe Hart is a 30-year-old tumbling Director and Cheerleading Coach in New Jersey. His message is simple: Mindset, Motivation, and Money. He's created multiple streams of income for himself and family through social platforms and he teaches others to do the same with his online video course called The Art of Flipping.

Have you ever thought, "I do great work and I provide a wonderful service, so WHY don't I get more referrals?"

Most business owners leave a lot of money on the table because they fail to leverage the full capacity of the relationships they've worked so hard to develop. Join us on this episode of Ask The Pro, as we explore the EIGHT referral sources you may be missing and how to get others to refer you to their friends and associates, so you can keep your client pipeline full!

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify the 8 components of their referral network

  • Discover the biggest reasons why people don't refer them

  • Learn a new language for asking for referrals

  • Understand what others need to know in order to refer them effectively


Michelle Donovan is the co-owner of Productivity Uncorked. She has been a referral and business coach for 18 years helping service providers to gain focus, overcome fears and achieve exceptional growth results. As a professional speaker, she has taken her message across the country from Boston to Anchorage for national conferences and regional meetings.

Michelle completed a Master's Degree in Adult Education and a Neuroscience Approach to Coaching certification program. She is an accomplished author with her first book, The 29% Solution, a Wall Street Journal Best Selling book now published in 7 languages.

Her most recent co-authored book A Woman's Way: Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Lead and Flourish in a Man's World quickly became an Amazon Best-Seller. She produces a weekly blog and has been published in numerous professional publications.

Originally recorded May 2020

This episode of Ask The Pro covers how to help your clients who are on stay-at-home orders with children in the house, to reduce the stress and increase the peace while facilitating learning at home.

Goals & Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn how to help clients create an effective home learning environment so quarantined students can continue to learn and thrive in an at-home or online school experience.


Leslie Josel, an ADHD-student and parenting coach, is an award-winning entrepreneur, having founded Order Out Of Chaos – an organization whose mission is to help parents guide their students to success in learning and in life. She's also an award-winning author, creator of the award-winning "Academic Planner: A Tool For Time Management," and an internationally acclaimed speaker. Leslie has been named as one of the top time management experts in the world by Global Gurus four years in a row. She continues to learn from her audiences, sharing her observations with readers of ADDitude Magazine in her weekly column, "Dear ADHD Family Coach."

Originally recorded May 2020

Thrive_During_Tough_Times.png Cybersecurity__1_.png Entrepreneurship.png

Join us for a (recorded live) panel session with four seasoned NAPO veterans, as we discuss how to deploy creativity and resilience to keep your business running during these challenging times!

Goals & Learning Objectives:

This interactive panel discussion will delve into how to create revenue virtually, how to use downtime to your advantage, and how to serve your clients in new ways during challenging times.


Ellen Delap, CPO
Laura Leist, CPO
Kristin Bertilson, CPO
Stacey Harmon

Originally recorded April 2020

Cybersecurity is an important but often overlooked aspect of small business. In this episode of Ask The Pro, we share easy ways to add layers of security to protect your business and the innocent mistakes even tech-savvy people make to become vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how businesses become compromised.

  • Understand the differences between cyberattacks, phishing, and malware.

  • Share simple steps any business owner can take to safeguard their business from cyberattacks.

  • Offer specific technology product recommendations for viewers to investigate.


Shawn Arnold is a technology professional who has served as a vCIO and executive IT management resource for the past 10 years and working in technology for the last twenty. His focus has been on serving small to medium-sized companies (less than 200 employees) with strategic consulting and management resources for planning, road mapping, budgeting, and maintenance of their technology infrastructure. He has also been responsible for advising companies on their security posture in both regulated and non-regulated industries.

Originally recorded July 2020

Did you think having your own business would be the best thing ever and now you're wondering if that's true?

Sometimes working for yourself can feel like a job, just with longer hours and more stress. And what happens if you get sick or want to take time off? How will your income continue?

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine what you want your business to become (this will dictate the mix of working on and in the business you balance).

  • Clarify your business objectives and goals to drive better strategies for growth.

  • Know who you are so you can allow that to drive what you become.

  • Decide what work to personally take on and what to delegate or pass on.

  • Use alliances to help you leverage growth.


Ken Olan is Co-CEO of ExactMats, in Houston, Texas. The company is best known for innovating new types of products and services that protect, enhance the appearance of, and add more utility to the most important spaces we live and work in.

Ken's company was recognized by Kitchen and Bath Design News as one of the 10 Most Requested Products by readers for 2019; specifically, the world's first, completely clear, made-to-order surface protection solution.

ExactMats is a NAPO Business Partner. Click here for NAPO Business Partners & Discounts.

Originally recorded August 2020

Does social media feel like a blessing and a curse? A necessary evil? A giant time suck of negativity and drama? In this episode of Ask The Pro, we'll explore how to overcome "Posting Pressure" and discuss marketing strategies to make your social media time more effective (and less annoying!)


Gina Schreck, is ranked by LinkedIn as a Top 5 Global Guru for internet marketing. She also owns a growing chain of co-working spaces, and in her spare time she speaks to groups about social media marketing and digital marketing.

Gina is also the founder of SocialKNX, a digital marketing & social media management agency that helps people understand how to succeed in the social landscape.

Originally recorded March 2021

Business Building Blocks focuses on some of the core aspects of building, running, and growing your business. Whether you are a new organizer looking to understand the basics or a veteran organizer whose business has changed over time, these sessions will have much to offer.

Digital_Etiquette.png Paying_for_Potential.png

Technology makes our lives more productive, yet we seem to be moving farther away from personalized, customer service. Technology is evolving so fast that it’s difficult to comprehend the impact it has on everything.

In an overly connected world, it’s easy to accidentally say or do the wrong thing. Unfortunately, missteps in business can lead to serious consequences. This webinar explores the many ways in which we interact with leads, clients, network, and colleagues, and incorporate best practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • The do’s and don’ts when it comes to e-mail communication

  • Texting rules of the road, including how to set and manage digital boundaries with our clients

  • Managing social media, paying attention to why digital etiquette is so critical to our brands

Kathy Vines, CPO
Jacqueline Whitmore

Originally recorded May 2018

Lead Generation, Referral Networks, and Advertising: Paying for leads or business referral organizations is a strategy many of us have considered when looking to expand our business.

Key Takeaways:

  • What to know about lead generation and bid-based organizations (Home Advisor, Thumbtack, FindMyOrganizer) and how to build and grow business using sites like these

  • What to consider for in-person referral methods of business networking groups (BNI, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

  • Established referral arrangements between organizers/productivity specialists or with industry-related vendors

  • What are the pluses and minuses to these channels, and how to stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can go

Kathy Vines, CPO

Originally recorded October 2018

CRM_Power.png Media_Relations.png

Kathy Vines, CPO

Jim Goldfinger, former Vice President of HighPoint Solutions, Karen Simon
Samantha Pointer
Jennifer Stewart.

Key Takeaway:

How to harness the power of Custom Relationship Management (CRM) to grow your business.

Originally recorded August 2016

Joan Stewart, the Media Hound

Key Takeaways:

  • How to respond quickly and correctly to media requests for interviews, commentary, and sources

  • How to provide the "little extras" that will position you as a valuable source

  • How to continue the relationship with journalists after the story is reported so you become the go-to source for the media

Originally recorded March 2016

Back_Office.png Legal_Insights.png

Small business financial organizers provide their insights into the best practices of bookkeeping and how to prepare your records for your tax accountant. 

Kathy Vines, CPO     

NAPO Members -

Bev Moranetz, CPO

Helen Schutz, CPO

Carole Smith

Originally recorded July 2017

Kathy Vines, CPO

Attorney Nathan Breen of Howe & Hutton, Ltd.

Key Takeaways:

  • Antitrust

  • Intellectual Property

  • Copyright

  • Trademark

Legal Insights: How to Protect Yourself and Stay Out of "Hot Water"...Both Sides of the Legal Story - Handout

Originally Recorded February 2017 


NAPO Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide an opportunity for experienced, veteran organizing and productivity experts to focus, collaborate and share their experience and expertise on a unique skill, topic area, business model or market.

Multi_Person_Business.png Holistic_Organizing.png

This expert panel of Multi-Person Business owners discuss challenges, lessons learned, and best practices.

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton
Kirsten Fisher, CPO
Debbie Rosemont, CPO
Laura Leist, CPO

When you click on the recording, bios for the presenters are included.

Originally recorded March 2019

Key Takeaways:

  • Principles of holistic organizing

  • Roles of the organizer and the client in holistic organizing

  • Many techniques used in holistic organizing

  • The benefits of holistic organizing

Holistic Organizing SIG Co-Leaders -
Amy Trager, CPO
Lauren Mang
Denise Lee, CPO

Originally recorded October 2018


With the increasing dependence on digital photography and the lack of technical knowledge in the general population, the photo organizing industry is growing steadily and in high demand.

The panel answers questions ranging from how to get started as a photo organizer, to higher-level questions from veteran photo organizers.

Photo experts:
Ann Matuszak of Pixologie,
Sherry Jenkins of Preservation Pix
Caroline Guntur of The Swedish Organizer

SIG Co-chairs - 
Sheila DeHart
Amy Rehkemper, CPO

Originally recorded December 2017

Book review: How to Say It to Seniors, by David Solie

This book explores the last phase of human development and it's two primary challenges: Legacy and Control, and offers insights for family and professionals working with seniors on how to better communicate with them.

Joan McCreary, CPO

Originally recorded May 2017

Speaking_Revenue.png Tech_Organizing.png

This discussion is between leaders of the Speaking for Fees Special Interest Group (SIG) who explore both the business and the craft of speaking. Walk away with insights to add a lucrative income stream to your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Choosing topics for organizing and productivity presentations

  • Finding audiences, and what to do when there's no budget

  • Improving your speaking abilities

  • Marketing your speaking services

Clare Kumar, Host and Co-Leader Speaking for Fees SIG
Mridu Parikh, Panelist and Co-Leader Speaking for Fees SIG
Carol Williams, Panelist and Past Co-Leader Speaking for Fees SIG

Originally recorded September 2018

This Technology Organizing SIG call starts with "Getting Started on Going Paperless" presented by Penny Catterall, owner and founder of Order Your Life LLC.

The second half of the call is a panel discussion about going paperless for businesses, including how the process differs for businesses and challenges that are often faced. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain when and why it is helpful to go paperless, and in what circumstances it is appropriate and necessary to keep paper.

  • Share apps and tools to help you and your clients eliminate unnecessary paper from overtaking your life.

  • Provide multiple points of view and experiences in taking a business paperless.

  • Answer basic questions about the mechanics of a typical paperless process for a business.

Penny Catterall
Jan Lehman
Kim Oser, CPO
Heather Sontag

Originally recorded October 2019


How to Keep Your Business Full for a Lifetime! 3 Sure Fire Strategies to Enhance Your Bottom Line

Brought to you by the Coaching Special Interest Group

Denise Hedges, a business development coach and speaker coach with over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Have you been trying to grow your business for so long you're frustrated and beginning to doubt yourself because you still don't have any real traction?

Or, maybe you're further along at the precipice of sustained success and you just need that leap forward that'll give you the deep sense of satisfaction and long-term financial stability you crave - the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it. You've arrived!

In this high energy, no-holds-barred presentation, you'll discover the top three unsurpassed strategies you can bank on to fill your business and keep it full over the long haul.

Originally recorded November 2019

Open Call on Getting Things Done, based on the book by David Allen.

Brought to you by the Business & Organizing Special Interest Group 

A group discussion focused on David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology. A work-life management system that alleviates overwhelm, and instills focus, clarity, and confidence. 

Originally recorded January 2021


NAPO's Golden Circle was formed in 1990 to recognize members who have attained an elevated level of experience. Today, the Golden Circle designation acknowledges the expertise of members who have been members in good standing for five years or more.


Do you want to be part of or start a Mastermind group, but don't know how?

Get all your questions answered with this webinar:

  • Will I have the right people?

  • How will it help my business?

  • Where will we meet?

  • How often?

  • What will we talk about?

Golden Circle Member, Patty Kreamer, CPO

Originally recorded December 2018

Key Takeaways:

  • How to determine how many client and admin hours you need to work to reach your goals

  • The information you need to track in order to calculate and increase your true hourly rate

  • How and why to track your lead sources, measure your marketing efforts, and calculate your profit and loss

  • How to leverage your education, certificates, and/or credential(s)

  • How to make a plan to enhance your value proposition

Miranda McLaughlin Wise, CPO
Andrea Walker, CPO

Originally recorded March 2018

Niche.png Book_It.png

Hear the stories of Golden Circle members Judson Crowder, CPO, Vickie Delaquilla, CPO, NAPO Past President Ellen Faye, CPO, Janet Jackson, and Janice Marie Simon, CPO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore different specialties within Professional Organizing and Productivity

  • Factors to consider when deciding to specialize

  • Benefits of choosing a specialty

Originally recorded November 2016

Are you interested in becoming the published authority in your market and taking your business to the next level? NAPO special guest and expert Nicole Gebhardt leads an engaging discussion on the art of writing and publishing a book designed to establish your expertise and grow your business.

You'll learn what separates a regular book from a brand-building marketing powerhouse and how to avoid the #1 mistake business leaders make: writing the wrong book.

Originally recorded August 2017


Golden Circle members - 
Birdie Brennan, CPO 
Deborah Cabral, CPO
Collette Shine

Key Takeaways:
How they keep their businesses relevant and growing as trends and technology changes.

Originally recorded June 2016


Originally presented by the former Information & Research Committee, these webinars focus on communication, and collaboration of activities related to the collection, analysis, dissemination, and storage of industry research, information, and data.

PIM_in_Practice.png Survey_Design.png Organizing_for_Health.png

For two years, NAPO’s Information and Research Committee partnered with Dr. William Jones, Research Associate Professor Emeritus in the Information School at the University of Washington, to review the experience and practices of several NAPO specialists in Personal Information Management (PIM). The research targeted the following questions:

  • How can we make the management of information easier for clients?

  • How can we better approach our work with clients?

  • Do clients fall under certain “categories” or “profiles”?

  • Can we utilize past experiences and expertise of NAPO members to develop structures, practices, and guidelines?

  • How can we better pool and share our collective experience and expertise to get more of a "running start" with new clients?"

In this class, Dr. Jones and Lori Vande Krol, the NAPO Project Lead, provide the background and motivation for this valuable partnership, explain the process used to gather and analyze information from the participants, and introduce the valuable tools resulting from the research project.

Luke Kachersky, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business

Host: Lace Abel-Bey

Key Takeaways:

  • Design questions to answer research objectives

  • Survey form design

  • Question development, wording, and order

  • Scaling and response choice decisions

  • Reducing bias

  • Sampling considerations

Survey Design Principles - Handout

Survey Design Principles - Slides

Originally recorded March 2017

Cynthia LeRouge, Ph.D
Deborah Seale, Ph.D.

This is a presentation about the health management information needs of the Baby Boomers.

 Learning Objectives:

  • The approach: Appreciate how and why an evidence-based (research) approach can assist in your organizing efforts and advance the profession

  • The situation: Understand the special health information challenges facing baby boomers, involving both paper and digital records

  • The opportunity: Contribute to shaping approaches and tools for health information management that might best suit this generation

  • The market: Discuss the nature and scope of client health information organization needs within attendees practice

Chat from Webinar
AHIMA Authorization Form
Materials for Organizing Health
AHIMA Adult PHR Form
AHIMA Emergency PHR Form

Originally recorded December 2016