Speaking for Fees

Laura Souders Co-leader   
Kathy Vines Co-leader 

Speaking for Fees SIG is for individuals who offer speaking and training services delivered to groups. Members of this SIG deliver their services to an audience for a set fee. These services may include live keynote addresses, training to departments or teams, workshops, or train-the-trainer products. Services may also include online products such as classes, trainings, webinars or teleconferences.

Membership Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a NAPO Professional Member.
  • Applicant must have been being paid to speak, in the context of any profession, for a period of three years prior to applying to the SIG. 

As SIG members, we get the opportunity to learn from outside speakers. ~ Erika Salloux, CPO®



~ Because of my participation in the Speaking for Fees SIG, I connected with Lisa Montanaro and we ended up collaborating on an awesome joint venture together!
M. Ricci, CPO®

~ As an entrepreneur, figuring things out along the way is par for the course, but sometimes I wish there was a rule book. The Speaking for Fees SIG is my virtual rule book - a place to share and get feedback on best practices.  It ups my game, helps me put my most professional foot forward and boosts my profits.
C. Kumar