Hoarding Specialists

NAPO-19-SIG-Logos-Final-Hoarding.jpgLeslie Raycraft
 Co- Leader
Joan McCreary Co-Leader

The Hoarding Specialists SIG is for organizers and related professionals who are experienced in helping people remediate and recover from hoarding behaviors. Participants must have a minimum of 2 years' experience working with this population OR 1 year of experience if they also hold an ICD Level I certificate of study in Hoarding Issues or other relevant coursework. In addition, a minimum of 25% of an applicant's client base must be hoarding specific.

We are a diverse group of professionals who work together to brainstorm solutions to unique situations, discuss current research and best practices for clients who hoard, emphasize the importance of self-care and boundary-setting, and collaboratively share ideas and effective strategies for working with this segment of the population.


Meeting time:
7PM Central/8PM Eastern
2nd Monday of the month