Mentoring 2.0

Mentoring 2.0

February 2019


“Mentoring, even as it takes new forms, remains a central way to share organizational knowledge. Millennials are especially enthusiastic about using mentoring as a path to learning. Increasingly, technical advances are affording the opportunity to make more informed mentoring assignments and to use mentoring to capture institutional wisdom.” - ASAE, ForesightWorks

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I'm back with our next topic about the future. As a reminder, I'm a member of the new NAPO Pathway to 2030 Foresight Initiative. Our intent is to raise the level of a futures conversation among our members and provide a venue to those who want to engage with other strategic thinkers. We've also aligned these topics with ASAE's Foresight Works*research initiative.

Our topic this month focuses on "Mentoring 2.0"

  • Who's been in a mentoring relationship?  Were you the mentor or the mentee and what difference did the relationship make for you?
  • The ASAE's Foresight Works research initiative tells us that millennials "value training and development" and that they are eager to use mentoring "as a path to learning".  How can you as a member support that initiative? 
  • What opportunities are there for our organization to promote mentoring?
  • Reverse mentoring is when younger members mentor their colleagues to help them stay current and comfortable with the latest technologies and social and cultural issues.  What opportunity is there for you in this process?
  • Are there tools or additional education that NAPO could make available to members related to mentoring?

My question for this month, how do you see the trend of "Mentoring 2.0" impacting you and our association?

If you want a quick read on this topic, read the attached 4-page Action Brief titled "Mentoring 2.0."  

On behalf of the NAPO Pathway to 2030 Team, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Sallie Alefsen