Ethical Consumption

Ethical Consumption

December 2018


“Younger U.S. consumers are engaging in more “ethical” and values driven spending on products and services, and investing in companies seen as doing good. The values and demographic weight of the millennial generation suggest that this trend will grow..” - ASAE, ForesightWorks

Click Here to read the full 4-page Action Brief: Ethical Consumption

Posted on POINT: Member Connect by Regina F. Lark


I'm back with our next topic about the future! As a reminder, I'm a member of the new NAPO Pathway to 2030 foresight initiative. Our intent is to raise the level of a futures conversation among our members and provide a venue to those who want to engage with other strategic thinkers. We've also aligned these topics with ASAE's Foresight Works*research initiative.

Our topic this month focuses on "Ethical Consumption."

  • I think it is fair to say that most of our members have experienced an increased concern with our clients' plan for "how" we will dispose of their belongings. Is there more we could or should do in this area?
  • Do you proactively talk with your clients, or provide resources to help your clients, feel more comfortable in the fact that they are ethically downsizing?
  • If the research indicates that consumers are more and more focused on the environment, I'm wondering if your marketing material includes information about how your services addresses the need.
  • Are there tools or additional education that NAPO could make available to members related to incorporating an ethical consumption mindset into your business?
  • How do you see the trend of "Ethical Consumption" impacting our businesses and our association?

If you want a quick read on this topic, read just page one of the attached 4-page Action Brief titled "Ethical Consumption."

On behalf of the NAPO Pathway to 2030 Team, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Regina Lark