Empowered Women

Empowered Women

January 2018


In many countries, changing workplace needs, women’s educational advances, and the reduction of discrimination are resulting in more women at the top of their professions. Associations have a unique and important role to play in promoting women in the workplace and making their presence visible. Gender equity discussions are important considerations in policy decisions and external communication.” - ASAE, ForesightWorks

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I'm back with our next topic about the future! As a reminder, I'm a member of the new NAPO Pathway to 2030 foresight initiative. Our intent is to raise the level of a futures conversation among our members and provide a venue to those who want to engage with other strategic thinkers. We've also aligned these topics with ASAE's Foresight Works*research initiative.

Our topic this month focuses on "Empowered Women."
  • Research shows that women are positioned to excel in the workplace based on their academic accomplishments and the changing nature of the workplace [see attached: "Future of work...."]. What does that mean for productivity consultants as they meet the needs of their female clients at this critical juncture?
  • As women advance into higher levels of management, their roles at home will remain largely unchanged. How will you work differently with your female clients as they experience greater and greater levels of responsibility in the workplace, while they continue to shoulder the lion's share of responsibilities at home? Is it our responsibility to open a conversation with our female clients about empowering their male counterparts to get on board with the heavy lifting at home?
  • Is there an opportunity for training tools that would help male clients feel empowered to share in the heavy lifting at home?
  • Younger people show signs of downplaying gender as a defining characteristic, preferring gender-neutral clothing and children's toys. Do you proactively talk with your clients about this shifting consciousness?
  • Are there tools or additional education that NAPO could make available to members related to incorporating a women's empowerment mindset into your business?
  • How do you see the trend of "Women's Empowerment" impacting our businesses and our association?
If you want a quick read on this topic, read just page one of the attached 4-page Action Brief titled "Empowered Women."
On behalf of the NAPO Pathway to 2030 Team, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Regina Lark