Re-Working Career Pathways

March 2019


“The idea that the course of people’s professional lives is settled in their twenties is long-outmoded, but employers and life structures have been slow to adapt to this fact. However, organizations are increasingly assisting workers with midlife transitions, such as going back to school, enhancing skills for new career directions, or allowing for reduced hours so that employees can pursue other interests. Such steps create a need to rethink work, education, and social safety nets to accommodate new approaches.” - ASAE, ForesightWorks

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I'm back with our next topic about the future. As a reminder, these monthly posts are generated by members of the new NAPO Pathway to 2030 foresight initiative team. Our intent is to raise the level of a futures conversation among our members and provide a venue to those who want to engage with other strategic thinkers. We've also aligned these topics with ASAE's Foresight Works*research initiative.

Our topic this month focuses on "Reworking Career Pathways"

  • The idea that the course of people's professional lives is settled in their twenties is long-outmoded, but employers and life structures have been slow to adapt to this fact.
  • "Careers for life" may begin to give way to "careers for life stage" as workers and employers realize that time in a job or industry is a finite thing due to changing skills, interests, technologies, and market needs. The NAPO Specialist Certificates were designed as a resource to support a workforce that retrains or shifts careers regularly.
  • Are there other tools or additional education that NAPO could make available to members that would assist them in growing their organizing or productivity business?
  • One thing for sure that I think ALL members of our Association have in common: We all come from someplace else in terms of our working lives before joining NAPO. 

My question for this month: How do you see the trend of "Reworking Career Pathways" impacting our businesses and our association?

  • Is there an opportunity to promote NAPO Membership as a means to test drive a new career before making the switch?
  • Does this trend provide a larger potential pool of contractors or employees to work with existing NAPO Members?
  • Would there be value in a Job Board to assist in connecting these employers with potential career changer employees?

 If you want a quick read on this topic, read just page one of the attached 4-page Action Brief titled "Reworking Career Pathways."

On behalf of the NAPO Pathway to 2030 Team, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. Your thoughts and ideas will assist the NAPO Board in creating future-focused decisions in the present!

And, just a reminder, Sue Pine and I are presenting, "Think Like a Futurist: The Impact of Today's Trends on your Future Business" - at NAPO 2019 [Friday 4/5 @ 8:30AM]. Hope to see you there! 

Regina Lark

P.S. – Don't forget that all 46 Action Briefs are available to NAPO Members on POINT/Resources/Research/Foresight & Trends.