NAPO-19-SIG-Logos-Final-Holistic.jpgMelinda Miller
Sherri Papich Co-Leader

The Holistic Organizers SIG is for Professional Organizers who take a heart-centered, holistic approach to working with their clients and who want to share their holistic practices and techniques with like-minded individuals. The Holistic SIG defines holistic as integrating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into one’s work. The holistic approach is not rooted in a particular spiritual or religious tradition and honors all paths. We consider our work as sacred and we believe and know it is possible to transform lives with the work we do. 

To qualify for the Holistic Organizers SIG, members must:

  • Minimum years in practice as a Professional Organizer: 1.5
  • SIG applicant must provide a written statement describing how he/she incorporates holistic practices into their organizing practice. The statement should indicate the specific techniques and strategies used when working with clients and/or improving professional effectiveness.