The Aging World

November 2018


“Most of the world’s societies are aging, with the shares of elderly poised to rise steeply in both the advanced economies and most emerging economies. This could reshape political, financial, and social priorities as countries grapple with issues related to aging populations, such as rising dependency ratios, retirement and the workforce, and costs of caring for older citizens. These issues will play out for associations in areas such as workforce and benefits.” - ASAE, ForesightWorks

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Posted on POINT: Member Connect by Regina F. Lark


As a member of the new NAPO Pathway to 2030 foresight initiative, I'm excited to kick off an online discussion series of hot topics affecting the both NAPO Productivity & Organizing Professionals and the association itself. For the next several months, members of the NAPO Pathway to 2030 Foresight Team will lead a monthly online discussion focused on trends that were identified by the NAPO Board and members of our Foresight Team as being most pressing. We've also aligned these topics with ASAE's Foresight Works*research initiative.

Our intent is to raise the level of a futures conversation among our members and provide a venue to those who want to engage with other strategic thinkers.

NAPO has purchased a license and is able to share the ASAE's Foresight Works research with members. Attached is an easy-to-read action brief that provides information about the topic. Feel free to read just page one or the full four pages. Next, chime in on this thread and share your thoughts.

Our topic this month:  What Don't I Know, or Haven't Considered, about the Aging World?

  • While I've been tending to the growth and day-to-day operations of my organizing & productivity business, what have I missed that could profoundly affect my business -- for better or for worse?
  • How will trend of the Boomers pending retirement and related trends impact the services that I may need to provide? Are those retiring prepared to deal with all of their personal electronic information? Do I need to grow my own expertise in this area?
  • Are there services that I'm providing that I should consider dropping?
  • Are there new technologies emerging that I need to be aware of in order to continue to grow?
  • How do I best keep my personal leadership skills with a foot in the future (visionary), while also keeping a foot in the here-and-now (pragmatic)?

Here's a short YouTube video to assist in generating some ideas about the impact for the aging world on our future profession and business

Finally, we will pilot an informal roundtable conference call for anyone who would like to engage in real time with other NAPO members on this topic [stay tuned for details].

I look forward to the conversation.


Regina - (Amy Vance, Sallie Alefsen, Ellia Harris, Sara Genrich, Sue Pine)

* ASAE = American Society of Association Executives