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Get Organized & Be Productive Blog


How to Submit a Post for Consideration

Blog posts are approximately 500 words and should be more of an overview, not a fully comprehensive "article". 

Once a blog is submitted for consideration, it will be reviewed for content. If your submission is chosen for posting, you will be contacted via the email you submitted with your content. At that time you will be able to send your 
headshot for the byline and an image (or two) that relate to your topic (if one is not provided, a stock image may be used).

Members are asked to review the blog themes below for the year and submit content that relates to the overall themes. However, we are open to submissions around the topic general areas as long as they pertain to the industry, NAPO or overall themes.

Please note: sales pitches, commercial-type content and other business-specific "plugs" will not be approved. 

For questions about the NAPO blog, please contact NAPO HQ at

2019 Blog Themes: 

January:  GO Month, “Goal Setting and Planning”
February:  Passion Breeds Success, “What's Love Got To Do With It?”
March: Clearing Space Allows for Growth, “Clear the Clutter - Mental, Physical and Professional”
April: Conference/Learning and Growing, “Professional Growth”
May: Development, “Developing Strategies and Methods That Work”
June:  Summer Brings Transition, “Transitions Require Planning”
July: Summer Offers New Opportunities, “New Ideas, New Places, New Processes”
August: Downtime Doesn't Mean Static, “What Does Downtime Offer You?”
September:  The Other "Fresh Beginning," “Summer's Over... Back to Work, School and Schedules”
October: Overcoming Fear, “Facing Challenges and Obstacles”
November: Gratitude and Reflection, “Recognizing Gifts”
December: Holiday Time “Happy Holidays and Looking Ahead to 2020”

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