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On October 1, 2017 NAPOCares kicked off with some exciting news... NAPOCares is now an on-going, year-long initiative with no end in sight! The goal is to let the world know that NAPO Cares and to show how NAPO members give back to communities each and every day by sharing time, talents or treasures. The NAPOCares Committee encourages all NAPO members to participate regardless of your specialty.

How can you help? Whether you are a NAPO individual member, part of a multi-person business and/or a Chapter, there are a variety of options:

In Everyday Ways:
Social Media is a great way to share how you contribute your time, treasures and/or talents with your community each and every day in ways.  Did you organize a free workshop for the benefit of the community, donate your time to teach a nonprofit be more productive or donate goods to a charity? Whatever you did, please include the hashtags #NAPOCares and #NAPONatl and include a photo if possible.

In response to Natural Disasters:
There were a number of natural disasters (hurricanes, wildfires) in 2017 and unfortunately we know there will be more in the future.  It could take months, even years for individuals and/or communities to rebuild.  NAPOCares and doesn’t want to forget the unfortunate victims of these events.  The NAPOCares Committee will post updated Donation Resource information on POINT and in social media with the hashtags #NAPOCares and #NAPONatl to keep outreach efforts current and relevant. Please share these posts whenever you see them.

If you donate your time, treasures or talents to victims on natural disasters, please share your stories. Did you take someone in who was in need of shelter? Did you offer free organizing? Did you donate emergency supplies? Share your stories of community outreach on social media with the hashtags #NAPOCares and #NAPONatl and include a photo if possible. Do you have an idea and want to encourage other NAPO Members, Chapters or Businesses to join you?  NAPO HQ features members on the NAPO Get Organized and Be Productive Blog - please submit a blog highlighting your efforts!

We want to shine the spotlight on NAPO members and chapters and all the unsung work you do! We encourage you to tag your NAPO colleagues and chapters as we show the world that NAPO Cares!

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