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Orderly Outcome

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Orderly Outcome
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Growing up in a home where everything had a place, I grew to find peace in that type of environment. Truth be told, I was a very messy teen although I could find what I needed even when it was under layers of belongings. In moving out and forming my own home, I quickly realized that order is what made me feel relaxed and most of all productive. When children came along, this was all the more reason to be on top of an orderly household. My career and volunteering proved that organizing was what made me happy and helping others was even more satisfying. Today, I love helping others lift the weight of life's chaos, whether it is years of build up or a more recent event that has thrown them off track. Helping clients through life's transitions (a move, loss, family change...) is pure joy. In my down time, I enjoy time catching up with my 3 adult children and 2 Weimaraners (also my kids). Cooking, DIY projects, physical activity, friend time, vacations and just sitting in peace are my luxuries in life.