Business Stamp of Approval FAQs

Business Stamp of Approval Program FAQs

Why was the Business Stamp of Approval Program Developed?
The Business Stamp of Approval Program is the result of a 2019 strategic initiative to enhance NAPO’s position as the leading authority for professional development and standards in the organizing and productivity profession. As the NAPO mission states, we strive to be the leaders in the organizing and productivity profession and to be the leaders, we need to develop the industry standards. This program was created as a means to raise professional standards.

The development of the BCPO and creation of a Certification program represent our greatest success in working towards higher standards of excellence thus far; however, we don’t want to stop there. We need to continue developing standards that set us to a higher level and break existing barriers. Raising the bar makes us all better.

By design, NAPO has a very low barrier to entry. We welcome and provide resources to both industry veterans with established businesses, as well as members who are feeling curious or aspirational about a career in organizing and productivity. Whether you are working in this profession part-time, building your foundational knowledge before you launch, or are running a large multi-person business, NAPO is committed to providing the support that you need.

Our goal with this program is to provide an opportunity for our members who meet basic business standards to demonstrate your professionalism to your community. By joining the Business Stamp of Approval program, you will be able to share the digital badge in marketing materials. This tool is designed so that you can quickly illustrate that you are operating with business practices that protect your clients.

Why is the cost of the Business Stamp of Approval Program not included in my yearly membership fee?
There are very real administrative costs to establishing and maintaining a program of this nature. To offer the benefit without passing some of this cost to the participants would be unfair to those of you who choose NOT to pursue the stamp or who cannot yet qualify. NAPO has established a minimal price that will cover these administrative costs for this “opt-in” program that cannot be universally accessed by every member.

When NAPO decides to introduce a new program, the catalyst is not driving the bottom line-- the objective is service and value to our members. When we add a cost to a program, we expect there to be a return on investment for the member. We have intentionally kept the price limited to a small administrative fee to cover the cost to run the program. If you earn one additional client as a result of this Business Stamp of Approval Badge, it will be worth your investment!

Where will I be listed in the NAPO Professional Directory?
Here’s how the directory works:
When an area is submitted in the search by zip code, the directory automatically lists those members by proximity FIRST. Selecting specific qualifiers like service specialty will further refine the results. Then, within the proximity ranges and qualifiers, members holding the Certified Professional Organizer designation have preferential ranking. Those members holding the Business Stamp of Approval badge will follow; all other members in nearby locations will follow in alphabetical order.

No member will see a drastic change in their presence in the directory based on participating or opting out of this program.

What are the benefits of the Business Stamp of Approval program?
· After approval, your digital badge can be used in your company marketing materials, promoting an extra measure of confidence to the public you serve.
· The badge gives you extra visibility in the Find a Pro directory.
· The Business Stamp of Approval program was designed to be easily attainable-- even for startup businesses-- with a speedy application process and just a few requirements. Displaying the badge provides our members an opportunity to showcase your professionalism, even as you work to attain other professional benchmarks like volunteer leadership roles, specialist certificates, certification, and Golden Circle.
· Participating multi-person businesses that meet the program requirements can display the NAPO Business Stamp of Approval logo on all company marketing materials, including their employee’s business tools like business cards and NAPO member profiles. (Not applicable for independent contractors)

How does this program account for differences in regional requirements for businesses?
Business norms or requirements can vary widely within each state and local community. For this reason, we give several options:
A local business license
An IRS FEIN for business
A DBA registration certificate, if operating under a DBA
Or any certificate of good standing from appropriate state agency

The goal is to demonstrate business legitimacy. You may have more than one of these qualifying documents. For example, a sole proprietor operating under a DBA could have a local business license, and a state business registration. You might also have a business checking account that is in both your personal name and a DBA with your business name. So you could use any one of those three items to submit for the program.

We acknowledge the diversity of business materials that our members might submit to qualify for the Business Stamp of Approval. For this reason, during the review process, you may be asked to provide further documentation with NAPO through a zoom call.

What about CPOs who apply for this program? How would having a Business Stamp of Approval affect my CPO listing?
There is no affect on your Certified Professional Organizer status or listing by participating in the Business Stamp of Approval program. The CPO program is based on attaining elevated education and experience while the Business Stamp of Approval program is based on having standard business practices in place. These are two separate programs.

Why wouldn’t NAPO link some of these requirements to attaining Professional Member status instead of creating a separate program?
NAPO strives to elevate the professional organizing and productivity industry in many ways. Professional Member status is earned by members who have demonstrated basic knowledge for Organizing and Productivity Professionals by successfully completing NAPO’s Professional Practices Coursework or earning their CPO credential. The Business Stamp of Approval program is providing a way to recognize members with business standards.

Most importantly, NAPO designed the Business Stamp of Approval as a separate program because not every Professional Member wants to be an entrepreneur. Not every NAPO member is yet running a business. Many of our members launch and run their own businesses, and many others choose to work as part of larger companies. Members who want to access the full range of NAPO benefits through Professional Member status may not see value in the marketable business advantage offered by the Business Stamp of Approval.

In the application, what does it mean when I agree to “defend and indemnify NAPO against any third party claims made against NAPO”? Is NAPO facing legal concerns? Am I joining some kind of legal defense fund or program?
With any new program, NAPO seeks legal advice on necessary wording to ensure our association is protected. While legal jargon is an important part of program development, the language can seem intimidating.

The referenced language is found on the application portal where members agree to this statement:
“I state that I will defend and indemnify NAPO against any third party claims made against NAPO.”
This language is standard legal lingo. This clause is not public facing; it is located on the application portal for members to agree to by checking the box. Indemnification is intended to establish the limitations of the program regarding legal claims.

The “third party claims” mentioned reference any claims that might arise as a direct result of your company being identified as a NAPO Stamp of Approval business. Should anyone sue you for damages, they might be inclined to also sue NAPO because you are identified as a NAPO Stamp of Approval Business.

You’ve probably seen a version of this legal lingo before. For example, If you have a profile on a site like where members share their businesses with the public, you have checked the box stating these exact same agreements. (In fact, Houzz has a much more extended and lengthy disclaimer that says basically the same by comparison). Breaking it down into simple language, this statement just means that if a business does something that results in a claim, the association or company that provided the meetup is not responsible for anything that happens resulting from the work that was provided by that business.

Why is the Business Stamp of Approval badge listed alongside all of NAPO’s educational badges in the Digital Badge Directory?
As we continue to add badges that recognize achievement of our members across all platforms in NAPO, we will update the digital badge directory as needed.

Why now? Why ask for more money at a time when so many businesses are thinking about every penny in a more critical way?
The Business Stamp of Approval Program is the result of a 2019 strategic initiative to enhance NAPO’s position as the leading authority for professional development and standards in the organizing and productivity profession. That’s right-- your dedicated staff and volunteer leaders have been working on the research and development of this program since long before a global pandemic turned all of our worlds upside down.

We know that many of you are keeping an eye on every expense in your business during this time of uncertainty. NAPO is doing the same on behalf of its members. We also know that our members and our association are resilient. During tough times, we dig deeper. NAPO is committed to continuing to serve you in the capacity that you expect, and that includes moving forward on programs and services that we believe provide benefit to our members. NAPO offered many financial solutions this year to help our members during COVID by extending membership renewal fees, offering many free class offerings and creating extra webinars available to all. We will not lose momentum on our goals because of COVID.

Because it is an annual program, the Business Stamp of Approval is designed to roll out every December for the start of the calendar year. December 2020 is the inaugural rollout. As with every organization and business that is learning to adapt in a COVID world, NAPO will continue moving forward in offering new ways to help our members in both professionalism and growth.