2022 Board Elections

Your vote is needed for the 2022 Board of Directors election.

The deadline to vote is
Friday, January 21, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.

The polls are now open.
Don't delay and vote today!


Mindy Godding, CPO®
President-Elect (Officer)  2022-2023
President  2023-2025
Immediate Past President  2025-2026

Learn more about Mindy:
Watch her video here
View her CV here

Todd Allan
Member Director  2022-2025

Learn more about Todd:
Watch his video here
View his CV here


Karen Baker
Member Director  2022-2025

Learn more about Karen:
Watch her video here
View her CV here



Gayle Goddard, CPO®
Member Director  2022-2025

Learn more about Gayle:

Watch her video here
View her CV here


Tara Rudo, CPO®
Member Director  2022-2025

Learn more about Tara:
Watch her video here
View her CV here

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Why should you vote?
Voting for future leaders is one of your most valuable membership benefits and is vital to NAPO's continued growth and success as an association.
How are the candidates chosen?
The Nominating Committee members vetted and interviewed the candidates to evaluate their credentials to serve on the NAPO Board of Directors. In addition, Committee members contacted each applicant's references. The interview feedback and reference information were shared among all members of the Committee so that we could make the best-informed decision for NAPO and present you with a slate of qualified candidates.
Who is eligible to vote?
Per NAPO Bylaws, members in good standing in the following categories may vote:
  • Professional Members
  • Lifetime Members
  • Retired/Emeritus Members
  • Business Partner Members
How will NAPO ensure that only eligible members vote?
To ensure NAPO's election security processes, your name and member ID# will be collected with your vote. This information will not be disclosed to anyone to ensure confidentiality.
When will the results be announced to the membership?
Election results will be officially released to NAPO members no later than the week of January 24, 2022.
When will the elected officers take office?
The newly elected officials will take office on May 15, 2022.


NAPO Nominating/Leadership Development Committee Members:

Susie Hayman - Immediate Past President and Chair
Jan Lehman - Board Member and Committee Member
Matt Baier - Committee Member
Tiffany Blassingame - Committee Member
Sara Skillen, CPO® - Committee Member
Lori Vande Krol - Committee Member

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