2021 Board of Directors Nominations

2021 NAPO Board of Directors Nominations

Are you or someone you know an active NAPO Member and want to effect change on a higher level? If so, nominations are currently being accepted for the NAPO Board of Directors.

Ideal candidates are:
Dedicated to fulfilling NAPO's vision
Passionate about advancing the profession
Team-players with a leadership approach that promotes consensus and transparency
Willing to employ innovative ideas

The Nominating/Leadership Development Committee is accepting candidate nominations for the following positions on the January 2021 Board of Directors election ballot:

Secretary (Officer) 2021-2024
Member Director 2021-2024
Member Director 2021-2024
Member Director 2021-2024


To serve as Secretary you must be a Professional Member in good standing. Review the job description for Secretary.

To serve as a Member Director you must be any of the following: Professional, Retired/Emeritus, Business Partner or Allied Members in good standing. Review the job description for Member Director.

Review the Preferable Qualifications for all Board Members.

You may self-nominate by completing the Board of Directors Application or if you choose to nominate a fellow NAPO member, you must obtain their permission prior. Be sure to give them ample notice in order to complete the entire application process. To nominate a fellow member, complete the Nomination Form.

Eligible members must be willing and able to serve as described in the NAPO Bylaws, Article V, and NAPO Board Processes - Quick Start Guide. Elected members must sign and adhere to the Uniform Volunteer Agreement.

Process & Timeline

October 30, 2020 - All candidates must complete and submit the Nomination Application by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

November 2-30, 2020 - The Nominating/Leadership Development Committee will review and consider all nominations submitted. Interviews will take place during the month of November.

The Committee is responsible for recommending qualified candidates for inclusion on the ballot.

December 9-16, 2020 - The Board of Directors will approve the recommendations.

January 4, 2021 - The official election ballot will be emailed to all members who are eligible to vote

January 20, 2021 - Voting closes

January 20, 2021 - Official election results to be announced

May 15, 2021 - Newly elected officials will take office

NAPO Nominating/Leadership Development Committee Members:
Jan Lehman - Chair and Board Liason
Cynthia Lindsey - Board Member and Committee Member
Ellen Delap, CPO - Committee Member
Gayle Goddard, CPO - Committee Member
Kathy Vines, CPO - Committee Member
Rachel Sager - Committee Member