Foresight & Trends

Foresight & Trends

NAPO’s Pathway to 2030


NAPO is focused on the future and has purchased a license for the ASAE Foundation - ForesightWorks Research to help drive conversations. This license agreement allows NAPO Members to engage with discussing the potential impact of various trends that will drive change in any of the following ways:

  • How NAPO engages with Members
  • The type of services members might need to prepare for the changes ahead
  • How members will deal with their clients
  • The type of services members might need to provide to clients in the future.

The original research conducted by ASAE identified 46 “drivers of change” important to associations and the professionals they represent. The drivers of change are broken down into 6 clusters (or areas of interest):

  • Data & Technology
  • Content, Learning, and Knowledge
  • Demographics and Membership
  • Economic Conditions
  • Society and Politics
  • Workforce and Workplace

NAPO has created a “Pathway to 2030 Team” to discuss some of these impactful changes. Discussion threads will be posted to POINT to allow members to join in the discussion.

Click on the images below to view past discussions or to join the current one!

Ethical_Consumption.png The_Aging_World_2.png


All downloadable products include all 46 Drivers of Change.

  1. Summary Paragraphs Only
  2. Action Brief Summary Pages - includes the Summary, Forecast, and Key Uncertainties.
  3. Action Brief Full Set - includes all four pages of each of the 46 Action Briefs. This file also includes a User Guide for how you might use this information to drive discussions in your own company. (Note: this is a large document)
  4. Clusters Spreadsheet - the 46 Drivers of Change divided into the 6 thematic clusters listed above

NOTE: The ASAE ForesightWorks is licensed content. If you plan to use the licensed research with your clients or in your presentations, you will need to purchase an inexpensive personal license. We have been able to secure a campaign code NAPO18 to override the non-member price to the ASAE member price of $89.95. You also have an option of just purchasing one of the six topical clusters for only $19.95.