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(500 - 1000 words in length)

Your peers will appreciate reading about your insights and lessons learned while developing your skills and best practices as a professional organizer or productivity specialist. What is your niche, and what has led to your success? How have you enhanced your business over the past two years? What web-based resources do you depend on that help you manage your own business?   

For the byline please include the following information:
    If relevant to your article, please also include a photo with a caption. If you would like NAPO readers to contact you for more information, please include the email address you would like them to use. E-mail your original article to Jo Ann Bujarski.

    Book Reviews
    (300-500 words in length)

    Reviews should contain a basic summary and critical analysis of the book's content, so readers can determine their level of interest. Authors may not review their own books.

    For the byline please include the following information:
      E-mail your book review or ideas to Jo Ann Bujarski

      Ad Hoc Columns
      (300-500 words in length) 

      Consider sharing a professional, volunteer, humorous or serious story in NAPO News. Writing a column is great way to share your industry experiences, whether good and bad.  

      When writing your articles or columns, please keep your audience in mind - the readers of NAPO News are fellow professional organizers and productivity specialists. You will be notified if we decide to use your article, review or column. Contributions that we aren't able to use now will be kept on file for consideration in future issues.  The invitation to submit content for publication in NAPO News remains open at all times.

      Our ad hoc column suggestions include: 

      • Out of the Box: Share your creative, humorous, or off-the-wall solutions to unique problems.
      • Sticky Situations: Share how you handled yourself with grace and integrity in an awkward moment on the job.
      • Legal: Share the stories behind decisions you've made regarding legal matters with your business.
      • International: Share perspectives about what it's like to work in the organizing and productivity field in countries around the world.
      • Volunteering: Share how one or more NAPO member(s) made a difference in their community or to the lives of others by their volunteer contributions.
      • Stories from the Trenches: Share your problem-solving expertise with your peers to help them learn about organizing or productivity methods and resources that may help them meet clients' needs.

      For the byline please include the following information:

        If you would like NAPO readers to contact you for more information, please include the email address you would like them to use. A relevant photo with caption can be submitted with your column. E-mail your original column to Jo Ann Bujarski.

         Regular columns from NAPO Committee Chairs continue to be sent to Barb Eimer

        If you are unsure where to direct your contribution, please contact Lynn Maichle.  

        CPO® Exam

        I you are planning to sit for the CPO® exam, authoring organizing-related articles or columns (minimum of 500 words) may qualify as credit toward the required paid work experience.

         NAPO NEWS Contributor Guidelines

        • Contributions may not promote your product or service.
        • Authors should not submit content that has been previously published elsewhere.
        • Stories or case studies about clients may be submitted as long as the client remains anonymous.
        • Authors of articles and columns should be NAPO members; material may be submitted by non-NAPO members if approved by the Publications Committee.

        Read a complete list of contributor guidelines.


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